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The Vietnamese -Premium Weasel Coffee -
What is the Weasel Coffee ? The definition of Weasel coffee sometime make coffee drinkers wonder and curious ! today - ( The one of the Best Coffee producer) will reveal about this, 
1) Weasel : or Civet : the name of animal lives in Buon me thuat or highlands of Tay NGuyen , south of vietnam, this animal love eating the best and ripest coffee fruit. ( Just eating Coffee bean without eating much other bean, some people beleave that this animal also eat the Soyal bean or vegetable.. fruits. They choose the ripest and sweet bean in the garden or wild hills
The Civet or weasel

Most types of weasels found in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and China are meat-eaters. However, one type of civet in Buon Ma Thuot Province in Vietnam only eats fruits, with ripe coffee cherries as its staple. Being a nocturnal animal, it only feeds at night , round of 10pm to 3 am , this time supposed tobe best for degestation

Wild weasels run and walk around the coffee plantations, Tay Nguyen highlands, southern hills eat the best and ripest coffee fruit and then after some time, leave their droppings  or that's called " Dung" around with the coffee beans relatively undigested and intact. However, the enzymatic process that happens inside their stomachs give the undigested coffee beans a rather earthy, chocolaty flavor and special smell after produced when roasted and ground. This unique, distinctive taste is priced by coffee connoisseur who pay heavily for this special type of coffee.  With only around 700 kg of weasel coffee harvested per year in Indonesia and Vietnam,

The Wild Weasel coffee is beleaved the most expensive coffee ( wild weasel - the weasel or citvet which is wild and not feeded by farmers and humans) 
the farmers have to collect theirs droppings or "Dung" when they go inside the Jungle or highlands.
Farming Weasel coffee: which is feeded by farmers , now there are many coffee plantations in Tay NGuyen which feed Weasel and raise weasel, civets at home or their plantations.... The Farmers force the Civets and weasel to eat all the time and everyday , this make the production and "weasel coffee" is not as well as Wild Weasel coffee and cheaper

Love of cherrie 
According to the research done by Professor Massimo Marcone at the University of Guelph in Canada, during the weasel’s digestive process, enzymes pass through the bean’s pectin layer and penetrate inside the bean, changing the protein and molecular structure, adding sugars as well as creating smaller molecules. This cause the delightful taste and distinctive aroma of weasel coffee.
Buon Ma Thuot in Vietnam is one of the  only two coffee-growing regions in the world where authentic civet coffee is produced. Weasel coffee from this region has an excellent chocolaty taste and distinctive aroma that is markedly different from those produced in other areas. This is partly due to the non-meat diet of the weasels and partly due to the topography of the area, with its basaltic soil and mineral-rich Dray Sap waterfalls making the area more fertile. All of these factors make Buon Ma Thuot’s weasel coffee popular and Great, we call Great of Coffee
The Average price for Authentic weasel coffee - Weasel coffee on Farm in Buon Ma Thuat now cost round of 700 - 1200$/killo

The Wild Weasel Coffee : cost at least from 1500$/killo to 3500$/killo
There some coffee in hanoi such as some street shop with name of " Weasel coffee " is not the authentic and real or pure weasel coffee, I live in Hanoi for more than 7 years and drink coffee dailly, i tasted and smelled of this many times, most of this Weasel coffee is mixed - coffee , or coffee mixed with Soyal Bean and Grounded-Sugar Corn and some others China-spacy added. people will never know where is the real and authentic weasel coffee ?? not easy to distinguish.
Warnings:  If somebody sell you a " weasel coffee" cost 20 - 40 $/ 100gram - ==> should check it, check and test with other normal coffee.
The authentic weasel coffee: 70 -100$/100gram; reliable and also need to check
The best way is : should buy weasel coffee from someone reliable , like your closed friend and directly at farm...
Some weasel coffee is mixed with 40-70% of authentic weasel coffee bean, this also called weasel, but cheaper and not as strong as 100% weasel coffee favor
in Sanfrancisco , there is a Sole Vietnamese premium weasel coffee Distributor in USA, , here you can buy authentic weasel coffee and iced-coffee, and cherries coffee, all Buon Me Thuat coffees are available here

The coffee is produced with the special method from Buon Me Thuat Manufactory and then shipped to Us by Airline or ship in a week, this coffee named Daily Delight, Mr's Phong private researve or Masterpice, with reasonable price, the coffee here with various types used for gifts, business, home-drink, ...

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  1. Such a WOW, to be honest I have always confused whether I buy the real Weasel coffee or not, this topic helps me a lot, many thanks :) I've just checked your Website but isn't it "cheap"? as you've said in your post that "The authentic weasel coffee: 70 -100$/100gram; reliable and also need to check"? So yours is a mixed coffee too? I think I have lost in the maze of "Vietnamese Weasel Coffee" standard which was set up by every single coffee shop in this city :( Can you give me more detail about this? Thank you

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